Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 1

Alrighty... let's start things off with a confession.  I ate five Reeses last night.  Five.  The only reason I didn't eat more is that there were only five Reeses stuffed in the bottom of Jason's Christmas stocking.  No worries, folks. I traded my chocolate orange for them.  I'm not THAT shallow.  Then I chased those cups with some Ande's mints.  No judgement, people.  This is an open, sharing zone.

And thus begins the change.  Everyone needs one last huzzah.  Now it's over and I'm ready to work.  I put on my "picture clothes," which are tight enough to be truthful without being disgusting.  Let's face it, a swimsuit would have been far more telling as to where I'm starting out, but even I am not willing to reveal that... yet.  I tried my very hardest not to suck in; consider yourselves blessed.  So here we are - pics and stats:

Beginning weight: 202.5
Waist measurement:  44" (This stat was particularly shocking to me - it needs to go down.  Like, yesterday).
Pant size:  16-18W (I haven't shopped in quite a while.  Scrub requirements will do that for you.)

So there we go.  Let's discuss the first day.  I slept through breakfast.  Probably not the best idea, but my brother got married this weekend and we're all more than just a little bit exhausted.  When I finally got up and around at noon, I made my first shake: 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1/2 scoop fiber boost, 8.5 ounces milk, ~1/2 cup frozen mixed berries.  I bought a handy dandy individual blender on Black Friday this year, so it made the prep super easy.  Along with the shake, I took my morning dose of Metformin for PCOS, 2 Metabolism Boost tablets (Arbonne), and a prenatal vitamin (suggested by my doctor).  I have to say, however, if you are not pregnant or actively trying, the Arbonne Vitamin Power Pack is FANTASTIC.  Wish I could take it now, but the folic acid level is a little bit too low.

The shake wasn't bad.  The consistency was nice and thick, but the seeds from the fruit got to me a little bit, so I might try some different combos over the next few days.  It definitely kept me full for a solid 4 hours while I was running errands, doing my grocery shopping, and taking a dance lesson with the hubs (woot, workout), which surprised me.  I've had "protein shakes" before, but they never lasted past 3 hours, tops, especially with a workout in the mix.  I ate a spoonful of peanut butter at about 4:30 to tide me over until supper because I couldn't put my hands on a fit chew.  My husband tends to steal them, which should tell you that they must be pretty amazing :)  He describes them as a tootsie roll consistency and swears that they're the best appetite suppressant he's tried.  Arbonne recently re-released the caramel flavor (in addition to the original chocolate), so I ordered them last night.

Supper was leftover smoked chicken (MUCHO thanks to the hubby - he loves his smoker and so do I) and egg noodles with a BIT of butter and garlic.  The most difficult part of the day is yet to come for me - night-time snacking is my biggest struggle.  I have GOT to find those fit chews.

I suppose that's it for Day 1.  My plan right now is to post weight loss once a week and pictures once every two weeks.  I'm sincerely hoping for a change, especially around my midsection.  I'm pretty sure your stomach isn't supposed to stick out past your boobs :)  Just sayin'...


  1. So you don't get lunch? Or was the shake thing your lunch since you got up late? What would you normally eat for breakfast and lunch?

  2. Oh you DO get lunch... I just slept through breakfast haha so I combined the two. Typically, you can replace one to two meals a day with the protein shakes. I'm going to try for two. If you don't have a shake for lunch, it's suggested that you eat lean protein, veggies, berries or green apples, and/or a whole grain. The plan is all about clean eating and detoxification. It's pretty simple :)

  3. Oh okay good. I was gonna say... I couldn't last! haha. Good luck, friend! I'm following your blog so I WILL keep up with your progress and if you slack, I WILL remind you. :)

  4. I wouldn't expect anything less, friend :)