Monday, January 9, 2012

Today is the Day... WEEK 1 WEIGH-IN!

I know.  You're all sitting at the edge of your little computer chairs, aren't you?  Today is the big day.  Usually, weigh-in's make me nervous, but I felt pretty good this morning.  I'm sleeping better and my stomach is flatter (note I said flatTER, not flat.  Working on that).  Just a recap of what I've been doing/using this week:

1-2 protein shakes a day
2 Metabolism Boost tablets every a.m.
1 multivitamin
3 doses Metformin (prescription)
2-3 fizzy tabs in water a day
1 pack Digestion Plus in my fizzy water a day
1-3 Fit Chews a day
Herbal Detox Tea (one night this week)
Normal dinners, concentrated on portion control/4-5 restaurant meals throughout the week
VERY minimal exercise... like... 10 lunges and those "stick your butt out like you're sitting down" things.  Squats?  Yeah... those.

My starting weight was 202.5 pounds.  My waist measurement was 44 and my hip measurement was 49.  So here we go...

Beginning weight: 202.5 pounds
Week 1 Weigh-in:  196 pounds
Week 1 Waist: 43
Week 1 Hip:  48

Weekly weight loss/inches lost:  6 pounds/ 2 inches
Total weight loss/inches lost:  6 pounds/ 2 inches

6 pounds!!!!  In a week!!!!  I was completely floored.  Jason was just irritated - my squealing is far too shrill for 5:00 in the morning.  But seriously, can you believe it??  I haven't been hungry, I haven't been moody, and for the most part, I've felt fairly satisfied.  And bonus... our grocery bill was SO cheap this week!  Without having to buy breakfasts or lunches for myself, we've actually saved money even after buying the Fit Kit.

I call it success.  Everyone wants instant gratification - it makes it easier to continue any healthy eating plan.  I'm excited to keep going.  You might just see me in a swimsuit yet!

..... Err.... Well.... Yeah, probably not....

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