Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week Two Weigh-In

Hello, peeps.  Long time, no talk!  I am once again late on my posting.  My apologies.  Let's make this quick.  This is what I've been using this week:

2 fizzy tabs a day
1 pack of digestion plus (in fizzy water)
1 fit chew (if that)
2 Metabolism Boost tablets
Prenatal vitamin

This is the part of this little game where I tell you that my eating habits were SUPER crappy this week.  We had pizza 2-3 nights.  We had Stoby's for lunch.  We went out for Mexican food with friends.  We had frozen yogurt once.  While I tried my best to make healthy choices (I had a turkey wrap at Stoby's, for example), I still ended up with a pretty poor foods list by the end of the week (I also had half of a small white cheese dip at Stoby's, for example).  And let's be honest... there's no good way to eat Pizza Hut pizza.  It just is what it is.  I also didn't have a single shake this week.  I just couldn't fit it into my schedule in the morning.  I'll continue to work on that, but it won't be easy.  That a.m. mad dash is just a side-effect of an hour-long commute every morning.  Not conducive to shake-making...

Although this week was not a good week in terms of establishing and maintaining good habits, it is a fantastic week for Arbonne.  Here's the deal... I still lost weight.  For real!  I ate serious amounts of pizza, cheese dip, and the like, and I Still.  Lost.  Weight.  Was this the healthy way to do it?  No.  Did I see my optimum results?  No.  But it says a lot to me about the supplements from Arbonne that they were able to work even some of their magic amidst the absolute and total crap that I shoveled in on top of it.  Go Arbonne.  You make my crappy habits less crappy.

Here we go...

Beginning weight:  202.5
Week 1 Weigh-In:  196
Week 2 Weigh-In:  193

Weekly Weight Loss:  3 pounds
Total Weight Loss:  9.5 pounds - no measurements - I lost my measuring tape :(

Not bad, as far as I'm concerned.  And 9.5 pounds in two weeks is nothing to snort at.  Now, I realize that I probably can't and definitely shouldn't keep up the epic food shove that I managed this week.  I was back to fruit for breakfast, a sandwich and fruit for lunch, and a typical, home-cooked supper today.  I can do this thing.  I can make a long-term change.  And come Vegas at the end of April, I'm gonna be looking good.

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  1. Has this been working for you still? Do you have anymore updates? I have pcos and am trying to loose a LOT of weight